Because of many demands, I turn this blog in English for some parts at least. I am curious to see how it will work !

OKE Here we go, my article about what I consider my basics in my closet.

We call basics these pieces you can wear very very easily; in lots of different situations and associate them with other basics or more trendy things. What is really good with basics is you don't take any risks with them, you cannot look ''too much``with basics.

How you build a look is:

1- build a good base with basics clothes
2- bring twist and fashion in your style with more trendy clothes or accessories.

Two mistakes to avoid:

- If you stop after the first step, your look will be borring and not interesting.
- If you miss the step one and only wear stylish things on you, you will look like a christmas tree and ridiculous. And nobody want that :)

The point is we all did one or both of these mistakes in our life.... yeah yeah yeah... you know when you spend 30 minute to choose your look and at the moment you go out and meet a mirror, then you realise.

The images below are product I have, or really similar ones. However, for each silhouette you have to adapt the fit of the clothes to your morphology.

It is of course only my opinion, my basics in my closet and I don’t pretend to be the goodness of the style. We all have our specific style that makes each of us so special and unique. I give here my vision of fashion.

So my basics are without preference order:

A black leather jacket

A light, dark and black jean pants


A boyfriend jean pant

A beige pant

A Black leather pant

A white top

A black dentelle top

The little black dress

A big pullover "grosse maille"

A pullover-dress

A white shirt

A light blue boyish shirt

The jeans jacket

A black blazer

A Marinière

A big scarf

Black leather skirt

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